Within the walls of the impressive 4,500m2 factory in Tangiers the ancient art of hand making encaustic cement tiles meets contemporary industrial production.

Each template is crafted using bent copper ribbon from which the pattern is created. The coloured pigment and cement are then mixed and poured into the mould before the final structural layer of dry compound is laid to form the base of the tile. Modern machinery presses and compacts the tiles before each one can be removed and left to dry in the heat of North Africa.

The combination of the artisan and the industrial ensures that the results avoid the anonymity of mass production but maintains the quality, colour consistency and strength required by leading architects, designers and home owners.

We have a continuously updated inventory of 6000m2  with more than 200 patterned  and unicolor cement tiles in stock in Tangiers. Alternatively, our stock tiles look stunning as either a random selection or with a dominant colour.