Bespoke, London Interior

WorkHouse lighting, seating, desking and partioning feature in the Bespoke London interior.
Ella Collection by Bethan Gray

The new Ella collection designed by Bethan Gray for WorkHouse.
Tiles by Jethro Macey

Exclusive tile designs by Jethro Macey for WorkHouse.
Tiles by Gemma Fabbri

Exclusive tile designs by Gemma Fabbri for WorkHouse.
Ella Collection by Bethan Gray

The Ella Collection designed by Bethan Gray for WorkHouse
Tiles by CUSTHOM

Exclusive tile designs by CUSTHOM for WorkHouse.
Tiles by Roy Pegram

Exclusive tile designs by Roy Pegram for WorkHouse.
An elegant collection of armchairs and sofas.
A unique and exclusive collection of cement tiles by independent British design names for WorkHouse.
The Workhouse desking system's raw aesthetic challenges the sophistication of its function.
The Workhouse partitioning system has a unique, raw factory aesthetic.

WorkHouse products and desking feature in Dufferin Street, London interior.

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WorkHouse & Co. at the Salt & Pegram showroom LDF15

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